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Re: QD3D: Game Support??

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 >>If anyone has ANY information about some upcoming games which support 
 >>QD3D, let me know!
 >The QD3D guys from Apple mentioned a number of things in passing at WWDC,
 >the biggest one being Marathon.  It was mentioned in the context of "it
 >took us twice as long to port Marathon to QD3D than it has with other
 >games because of the way Bungie wrote some of the original engine."  In
 >other words, the port was *done*.  Now, whether Bungie will acknowledge
 >that a QD3D version exists, let alone release it, is a whole 'nother
 >story.  They may simply choose to apply what they learned to their next
 >project rather than releasing a new version of Marathon.
 Marathon's coordinate system and screen-point tranformations are radically
 different than what RAVE expects. The same would be true of any engine
 that works with vertical wall mapping ("constant Z texture mapping" is one
 term that people have applied to this). Despite the assumptions of others,
 Marathon isn't doing ray casting. Hidden surface removal and other
 operations are performed at the polygon level. Clipping of objects is done
 during rendering, which is one of the most difficult problems to solve.
 "Done" is a relative term. What was "done" was demoed at the ATI booth at
 the Computer Game Developer's Conference. It's not developed to the point
 where we would ship it. Much more work is required.
 I can say that for our next generation engine, we are making an effort to
 use RAVE from the start. We're also publishing a game this year that
 requires QD3D.
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