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Re: US Robotics, Caere, or Don't Care? wrote:
 :I just bought a US Robotics 28,800 Sportster MODEM, on the rave
 :reviews that people in the area have been giving it (including my
 :ISP). But, when I went to re-install my Caere Faxmaster software, US
 :Robotics support states that the Faxmaster box is incorrectly labeled
 I posted this info elsewhere,but didn't x-post to here:
 USR modems are not 100% Hayes compatible.  If you connect to a Hayes
 compatible type server, which apparently most are, you will not get
 goods connections.  This came straight from USR.  Take the modem back
 while you can.
 More complete info can be found in,
 comp.misc, alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000, & comp.dcom.modems under
 Send me junk, and get it back least...>:-<