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Re: 16 Volt

 AggroChik <> wrote:
 > (christine j. bomke) said:
 >>those of you
 >>attending the Salem, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Olympia, or Portland shows, 
 >>come on over to the merch stand and either say hi, or smack me upside the
 >>head for this and my other recent posts. (if you do the latter, however,
 >>be forewarned that hell hath no fury like Christine in 3" heels.)
 >gee, you're brave, Christine... i'd never put up an offer like that....
 >i'd be getting smacked right and left for "this and my other recent
 >posts." and i don't own any 3" heels....
 That might be a good thing because I had the feeling a lynch mob was forming
 in PDX over this entire 'cute industrial boys'thread. Albeit, I could
 not tell if it was jealously, or a waste of bandwidht issue.
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