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Re: Muslims need introspection

 At the outset: MV Kamath, an neo-hindu fundamentalist :)
 is so entrenched in the fundamentalist camp, it may be a
 pointless exercise getting him to come down to earth from
 his romantic world.
 He is sold out to the idea of dividing the peoples up into
 the hindu-nonhindu denominations with all social and 
 political interaction being conducted strictly along those
 lines. Therefore in his scheme of things there ought to be a
 "leadership" of the muslims which would negotiate on behalf 
 of the muslims with the hindus represented by who-else but
 the Sanghis. His intellectual naievity (if not dishonesty)
 leads him to contradictory conclusions about his vision of the
 muslim's place in India but offers no apology.
 He's high on his agenda of hindutva-ism refusing to see the
 upheaval for the worst which will engulf India because of 
 the inherent chaos a "movement" like hindutva nurtures
 what with the leadership of this movement being in the hands
 of unaccountable, revolutionary-minded politicians and social
 In article <> Dinesh Agrawal <> writes:
 >Title : Muslim and the BJP - Security of the Muslims lies
 >        in the hands of Hindus and not  'secularists'
 >Author : M.V. Kamath
 >Publication : The Free Press Journal
 >Date : June 27, 1996
 >The  blame for setting up Muslim leadership  against  the
 >BJP  lies squarely in the camp of the Janata Dal and  the
 >Third Front. The Third Front would do anything to prevent
 >a  temple   to  Shri Ram rising on  the  Ram  Janmabhoomi
 >site.  Such an eventuality can only mean letting the  BJP
 >ride to power which the Third  Front is sworn to prevent.
 >It would rather pitch Muslims against the BJP on the plea
 >of safe-guarding the nation's secularism when what is  at
 >issue is not secularism but the political future both  of
 >the  Third  Front and the Congress.  Muslims  should  see
 >through  this dastardly game. The Ram  Janmabhoomi  issue
 >would not have arisen had the Muslim community felt grace
 >to be more accommodative towards Hindu sentiment. By  now
 And how does he porpose the muslim community should have done
 that. Elect muslims 'leaders" to negotiate on their behalf ??
 >the Muslim community should know how deep and strong  are
 >Hindu feelings in this matter. Had it conceded the  right
 >of  the Hindus to build a temple on the Janmabhoomi  site
 >it  would  have won the undying gratitude of  the  Hindu
 >community  leading to greater and stronger Hindu   Muslim
 >amity.  That opportunity was lost. The Muslim  leadership
 For your information there is no muslim leadership as your
 cohorts in the sangh-parivaar relish in declaring. If there
 was a muslim leadership of any sort (and there shouldn't be
 either for muslims or hindus or ..) that would just have been 
 another issue for you to scare hindus about. Thats the double
 speak which irritates the hell out of me. Dishonest "intellectuals"
 like MV Kamath who have found it fashinable to take the moral
 high stand and have made it their business to lecture muslims
 about what they should or shouldn't do.