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Re: News - Afghani Gets Off Genital Kissing Charge

 In <4r16vl$> Nasir Shir <islharw@>
 >Assalam Alaikum everyone,
 >Brother Walid, are you refering to this Afghan who kissed his son's
 >genital who lives in Portland, Maine?  Well, I live in Portland, Maine
 and there is an Afghan who did kiss his son's genital.  According to
 the Afghan community this is not part of the culture.   about the
 >incident and I hope this will not happen again in the future.
 >Similar, incident occured to an Arabian man (don't remember the
 >country) a few years ago that was on the 20/20 show.  
 No it was not an Arabian man. It was an ALBANIAN couple, living in
 TEXAS (yeah, that's good old US of A) just a few years ago.
 >Well, this person also it was okay to kiss his son's genital according
 >to his culture.
  And it did not invove genital kissing. The father was alleged to have
 been seen (by and American woman) patting his daughter's lower abdomen
 during a sports event in the open.
 It was later discovered that it was considered normal under the
 Albanian culture for fathers to be publicly affectionate towards their
 daughters in public -- in this manner.
 >The children were taken from him and they were adopted by Christian
 >family and they were being raised as Christians. 
 Yes, the kids were forceably taken away from the parents and adopted by
 a christian family, to be raised as Christains, and were forced to eat
 Pork and attend the Church. The case was lost against the parents even
 upon appeal. Naturally the Muslim parents were devastated, having lost
 not only the kids, but forced to sell their businesses and home to pay
 for legal defense.  Yes, this sort of thing can happen in a free
 society like America!
 >That's all I have to say..
 M. Malik