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 BBG>From: Bob Grubb <>
 BBG>Subject: Re: Beatle Clues: A New Theory
 BBG>Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 01:28:22 +0000
 BBG>Message-ID: <>
 BBG>I see. I guess I was mistaken. Thank you for informing me about how the
 BBG>Beatles got their name, I must have missed that in the more than 30 years
 BBG>of Beatle literature I have been exposed to. 8)
 Me too.  I wonder how that happened?
 Perhaps they were actually called "The Old Brown Shoes"?
 BBG>What about the "we ran out of red carnations" explanation?
 A bit of a stretch.  But methinks a "teaser" intended to sell
 BBG>Perhaps this quote, similar to the Leary quote (in an uncanny sort of
 BBG>way), is more true...
 BBG>"Some of the newer Beatle songs... show an acute awareness of the
 BBG>principles of rhythm and brainwashing. Meither Lennon nor McCartney were
 BBG>world-beaters in school, nor have they had technical training in music.
 BBG>For them to have written some of their songs is like someone who had not
 BBG>had physics or math inventing the A-bomb...
 BBG> [or one who has not studied Egyptology being able to interpret arcane
 BBG>symbology 8) ]
 BBG>"Because of its technical excellence it is possible that this music is put
 BBG>together by behavioral scientist in some 'think tank'... I have no idea
 BBG>whether the Beatles know what they are doing or whether they are being
 BBG>used by some enormously sophisticated people, but it really doesn't make
 BBG>any difference. Its results that count, and the Beatles are the leading
 BBG>pied pipers creating promiscuity, an epidemic of drugs,youth class-
 BBG>consciousness, and an atmosphere for social revolution."
 BBG>    -Dr. Joseph Crow, billed as America's 'Number One Expert on Musical
 BBG>Subversion' by John Birch Society members and right-wing Christian
 BBG>To these people, who pointed up the same ideas as Leary, the whole
 BBG>behavioral modification program was a Communist Conspiricy. Their
 BBG>suspicions grew when 'Back In The USSR' was released.
 Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I remember all that.  Made _me_ lean _away_ from
 JBS, et al., _toward_ that about which they knew nothing, but so
 furiosuly (and terrifiedly) bashed.
 BBG>Today's changes in Eastern Europe, and the fans (now definitely over '30')
 BBG>who left hippy-dom and entered yuppie-dom (thereby becoming perhaps the
 BBG>greatest capitalistic consumers of all time), show in retrospect the
 BBG>Beatles did a lousy job of promoting Communism.
 Except that Yuppies were the antithesis of Hippy, therefore did
 not originate as Hippies.  They were of the same generation --
 but were those who _mocked_ Hippies as (among other things)
 BBG>Is the quote above suggesting the same mechanism of Beatle influence on
 BBG>culture, or am I again short on research?
 Depends upon what you're saying.  Care to try it in English --
 sans expectations of ESP in others?
 BBG>Would it be offbase to consider that there is more meaning to this mere
 BBG>group that managed to change the world through their music? This is not a
 BBG>novel new concept. Emil Nauman commented on the powerful effect of music
 BBG>on Greek culture:
 Nope.  But it _would_ be offbase to suggest -- or insist -- that
 it was all some sort of _conscious_ intent.  (Jungian notions might
 apply; but that doesn't presume _conscious awarness_.)  That is
 the problem with all the (paranoid) "conspiracy" suggestions.
 Regardless whether you have more academic background than all the
 lesser peons who do exactly the same thing (albeit less consci-