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Re: THE USA IS FULL OF HYPOCRITES!!! --- Better than being like Mack Daddy (No Brains)

 Julio Gomez <> wrote:
 >What interests me most about all of these USA bashing posts is that so
 >many people know so much about the US and it's problems, and are able to
 >compare them with the problems of their own country, but not of others,
 >showing that people still have a fascination with the US wether it be
 >interest or jealousy.  As a US citizen living abroad I can honestly say
 >that I still get US "culture" crammed down my neck, so don't try and paint
 >the US as a lone falling empire, everyone in the world is just as passive
 >about letting their country corrode as Americans are.
 True! America is racist, but so is Sweden!
 Read the book! Ha Ha Ha McNamara,Vietnam-My Bellybutton is my
 AN A                                                          
 Recently the United Nations gave and award to Sweden because of its 
 work on equality. Obviously the United Nations representatives have 
 had the wool pulled over their eyes or are blind to the fact that 
 Sweden has become a racist society.
 That in Sweden, discrimination and segregation in the workplace, in 
 the living areas, in the schools, has become a serious problem and 
 in some areas of the country, general praxis. That in other words 
 means that 20% of the population (non Swedes and families of the 
 first and second generation of non Swedes) are treated unfairly, 
 undemocratically and unequaly.
 Furthermore the situation has become so serious that last night on 
 national TV, on the program Striptease, we had a situation where 
 Swedes in a little town in the south quite openly defended a racist 
 youth gang who murdered a black youth in brutal cold blood. Where a 
 leader of this bloodthirsty mob was allowed on the program to defend 
 their program of extermination. In fact, a Jewish woman was forced 
 to leave the program because she refused to be in the same room with 
 this racist. This Jewish woman stated that she felt that she was 
 reliving the thirties of Germany once again.
 So naturally one has to question the sanity of those in the United 
 Nations who have given this award to Sweden. The equality for the 
 non-Swedes in      Sweden is beginning to look like the equality 
 black people had in Alabama or    Little Rock, Arkansas in the United 
 States during the late fifties and early    sixties... Believe me, I 
 was there.
 When I say racism, I mean the general rise in vicious attacks on 
 non-Swedes. People murdered in cold blood on public streets or thrown 
 in to lakes      after being severely beaten, in order to die. I mean 
 the burning of crosses on the front lawns of people's homes. In fact 
 even firebombing of homes and stores owned by non-Swedes. These acts 
 of ever increasing terror are perpetrated on people who's only crime 
 is not being a Swede or having black skin.
 The courts, the prosecutors and even the minister of justice appear 
 to be paralysed and do nothing to stop these racist attacks. In fact 
 there is a death sheet with 300 names on it, people the racist 
 terrorists say should die. One prosecutor actually recommends people 
 not to do anything when confronted with his or her name on it.