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Re: + Stop TSR Bashing +

 In article <> "C.A. Pyndrágön" <> writes:
 >Terry Austin wrote:
 >> "C.A. Pyndrágön" <> wrote:
 >> >I am completely aware of Trademarks, Copywrites, have a few under my
 >> >belt, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah...
 >> Coulda fooled me.
 >> >What am I saying? What exactly are they protecting? Seems all the
 >> >materials they have are based off a substatial amount of mythology and
 >> >other peoples work.
 >> >--
 >> They are protecting their own original work.  Unless, you're claiming
 >> that all their work is identical to mythology?  Derivative work is
 >> still protected by copyright, it's just also protected by the
 >> copyright of the original work.  (I thought you said you were an
 >> expert in such things?)
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 >Did I ever mention I was an expert in such things? No, seems you are assuming. Yet I suppose in your vast 
 >knowledge you are. Well pardon me 'ole wise one of the net. The general assumption that is presented on this 
 >newsgroup is if you do not work for T$R or a Bookstore, your words are counted as a worthless babble. Well if 
 >that is the general outlook, so be it. Count me as such I care not how you presume to jump in my face after 
 >asking a simple question!
 >Mythology is history, culture, imagination. When you take the stories, that have drifted for countless years, 
 >and claim them as your own you rob the future. Don't argue this point for I know. You selfish bastards have 
 >done so to Native Americans for a long time.
 >Good Day. 
     Hmmmm... nice how you switched subjects right there at the end... quite 
 interesting.  Now, when you say "you selfish bastards", exactly to whom are 
 you referring?  Certainly you can't mean present day Americans.  I mean, _I_ 
 am an American...  As it is, I've lived in the States my whole life, and I 
 don't believe I've ever even really come in contact with any Native Americans. 
 Certainly not to be selfish toward any... I can't say about my parents, but 
 I'm sure my grandparents haven't done anything to any native Americans, 
 especially in light of the fact that they're Irish immigrants.  That means 
 they've come from other countries, see.  They weren't around to be selfish 
 bastards.  Many of them after the 1800's. So, to whom exactly are you 
 referring?  You obviously can't mean me, but then again, your "You" wasn't 
 very specific...
     - Vermilion, who loves a good argument.  Too bad I didn't find one here...