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Re: + Stop TSR Bashing +

 "C.A. Pyndrágön" <> wrote:
 >Did I ever mention I was an expert in such things? No, seems you are assuming. 
 Actually, I was making fun of you.
 >Mythology is history, culture, imagination. When you take the stories, that have drifted for countless years, 
 >and claim them as your own you rob the future. Don't argue this point for I know. You selfish bastards have 
 >done so to Native Americans for a long time.
 I can't disagree with any of that.  However, nobody being discussed
 here (TSR, etl al.) had claimed any mythology as their own.
 Particularly if, by "claim them as your own," you mean trademarks or
 copyrights on non original work.  If you are going to persist on
 claiming otherwise, please provide examples.
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