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NGI comments by ALA endorsed by NINCH

Date:   5/13/97 12:09 PM

RE:     NGI comments by ALA endorsed by NINCH


You may be interested to see the comments submitted by the American Library
Association on the Next Generation Internet Concept Paper.

At NINCH's suggestion, final language included "museums, historical
societies, the cultural community," (in comment no. 3) and the "arts and
humanities" (comment no. 4) to broaden the reference of comments to include
that of our community beyond that of libraries.

See also the second paragraph in which NINCH's endorsement is noted.


The American Library Association (ALA) is grateful to have the
opportunity to offer comments on the Draft Next Generation Internet
Concept Paper. ALA is a nonprofit educational organization of 58,000
librarians, library educators, information specialists, library trustees, and
friends of libraries representing public, school, academic, state, and
specialized libraries dedicated to the improvement of library and
information services.  A five year-initiative, ALA Goal 2000, aims to have
ALA and librarianship be as closely associated with the public's right to a
free and open information society--intellectual participation--as it is with
the idea of intellectual freedom.

These comments are endorsed by the National Initiative for a Networked
Cultural Heritage.  NINCH is a coalition of arts, humanities and social
science organizations formed to assure the fullest possible participation
of the cultural sector in the new digitally networked environment.  NINCH
seeks to encourage the development of the NII as a means to preserve,
access and creatively build upon our cultural legacy, in a manner that
embraces the fullest understanding of the nation's cultural heritage.

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