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(none)Re: MC (Mikael) is back

>I'm back! This is Mikael Cardell, once cardell@lysator.liu.se, writing
>to Future Culture again.

Welcome back Mikael!

>  I wasn't unsubscribing from FC to get a life, I was unsubscribing
>  because there was too much life. Of course, while being
>  unsubscribed, I found that there were other things demanding my
>  attention. Life does that to you. It constantly needs your attention.
Its weird I have moved myself into an enforced isolation , by choosing to
leave my job  and work contracts and from home. I now use the list a s
aform of external contact , a means of pulling in inspiration.

My social circle has shrank somewhat recently , down to the Drum an hour
before time , and some heads down reading and learning Perl5/Java/C++
during the day.No work , money running out, and Guinness putting on the

>I think that pretty much says it all. I ended my sign off message with
>a list of things that I would spend my time on instead of FC. This
>list included:
>  Family and friends
>  Work (hacking free software at Signum Support AB)
>  Hacking and Computing Knowledge (HACK)
>  MGR Window System
>  FITS, Forth Incompatible Timesharing System
>  Spunk Press
>  Network family values anthology
>  LETS, Local Employment and Trading System
>Some of these things have actually been given some of my time, but
>most of them haven't developed in the directions I had in mind. Now,

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