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[FREE] The Wrestling RAVE

Just a quick note to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the latest
edition of RAVE.  

A couple of items that I found interesting.  First, Robert Martin's
piece on DDP was a dead solid perfect Diamond Cutter!  I am a huge DDP
fan, and I am so glad to see him get the push.  He is really over with
the crowd and works it to the limit.  Now, if Eric would get his head
out of his ass he would end this feud with the Macho man as it really
has nowhere to go (unless it's DDP putting a Diamond Cutter on
Savage's ass and then painting DDP on his back!  Hell, I'll provide
the paint!)

For Dirty Dan, you are absolutely correct that ECW should be on one of
the "major" cable channels.  ESPN used to show wrestling (I think it
was WCCW or NWA/AWA) but that sort of faded into obscurity and has
since been replaced with endless reruns of Sports Center, or events
that happened months ago and they need to fill the time in.  I mean,
how many more times must I be subjected to that billiards final that
took place in January?  Give me a break, please!  Hell, ESPN has all
sorts of hours to fill in the late night, so they could put ECW on.
The little kiddies aren't up then, and the ones that are up are more
interested in ensuring that the bottle is warm enough for them, and
they're being rocked back to sleep!  

I get one hour of ECW a week!  And I'm damned glad to get that!  I
would dearly love to see more of the ECW.  

In closing, let me say that I enjoy your newsletter, and I too am
opposed to censorship.  If you don't like what's in then CHANGE THE
FUCKING CHANNEL!  That's why there is an on-off switch on the TV, that
is why there are so many newsletters out there, and that is what this
country was built on.  Freedom of choice!  

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