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K12> Grand Forks Flood Help for SchoolsGrand Forks Flood Help for Schools

Dear K12'ers--

The Grand Forks School District has just suffered the most major flood
experienced by any city in America--at least that is what the media and the
FEMA people say.  The school district needs your help.  Cash donations
would be most helpful because the things that were ruined in differnt
classrooms that need replacement are different for each teacher.  And the
library books in different rooms and school libraries on lower shelves are
also different in each school.

If you can offer assistance or if your employer can, I suggest it be
directed to

Grand Forks Foundation for Education
Sandy Glas, Executive Director
308 DeMers Ave.
P.O. Box 5475
Grand Forks, ND 58206-5475

Other donations will be welcome as well, however you could contact Ms. Glas
at this address or through the school district at (701) 746-2200.

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