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News:: Africa's first ladies and other news.. (fwd)News:: Africa's first ladies and other news..

African First Ladies To Meet In Nigeria

   April 29, 1997

   Paul Ejime, PANA Correspondent

   LAGOS, Nigeria (PANA) - Nigeria is to host the first African First ladies
   peace summit in Abuja, the Federal Capital, from May 5 to 7.

   A spokesman at the Nigerian Presidency said the agenda for the Abuja summit
   is expected to focus on the search for peace in the troubled spots on the
   African continent.

   Mamman Naisir, Chief Press Secretary to the Nigerian First Lady, Mariyam
   Abacha, said on Tuesday that most of the invited guests had agreed to attend
   personally or send delegates to the summit.

   The meeting will be jointly organised by Nigeria, the Organization of African
   Unity (OAU) and the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), as well as the
   Africa Peace Mission secretariat, temporarily based in Abuja.

   Nigerian Head of State, Gen. Sani Abacha will be the special guest of honour.

   Nasir said the OAU Secretary general, Salim Ahmed Salim and officials of
   other international agencies would address the forum.

   The summit was endorsed by the 65th OAU Council of Ministers during its
   session, held last February in Tripoli, Libya.

   The ladies summit will be a follow-up to the 1995 World Women's Conference in
   Beijing, China.

   According to the hosts, the meeting will part of the contribution of African
   women's contribution toward peace, in view of the fact that it is females and
   children who are the worst hit by the numerous conflicts on the continent.


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