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OEM: Law & Policy of EndoDisrupters (fwd)Law & Policy of EndoDisrupters

International Trends For Compliance Programs: The View from the UK Can
Workplace Exposure to Endocrine Disruptors Cause Cancer? 

The International Safety and Health at Work Conference in London, England,
March 4th -6th, 1997. copyright 1997 Ilise L. Feitshans JD and ScM By
Ilise L. Feitshans, JD and ScM (USA)

I. New Directions For Occupational Safety and Health Research, Regulatory
Implementation and Enhanced Tools for Compliance

     The risk of breast cancer or testicular cancer from occupational
exposure to endocrine disrupters In the USA, EPA defines "environmental
endocrine disrupter" as "an exogenous agent that interferes with the
synthesis, secretion, transport, binding, action, or elimination of
natural hormones, in the body that are responsible for homeostasis,
reproduction, development, and/or behavior." U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency, Special Report on Endocrine Disruption: An Effects Assessment and
Analysis Document (March 1997) as reprinted in BNA's Daily Environment
Report, p. E-1 (March 6, 1997).; British Law Commission Recommendations
defining "corporate killing" following occupational harms, and new avenues
for implementing the World Health Organization's "Occupational Health for
All 2000 program" were among the many hot compliance issues discussed at
the International Safety and Health at Work Conference, Earls Court2,
London, UK March 4-6 1997. 

     Bringing together practicioners, UK government officials and
scientific experts from the UK, USA Canada and Europe, the conference
pointed towards several exciting new directions for occupational safety
and health compliance programs, although the path of analysis for each of
these directions, as yet uncharted, can only be understood by examining
hard questions. By contrast to USA based activities that have begun to
emerge as a vibrant force in the last year or so that has been
characterized as a "corporate compliance extravaganza", this conference
may actually represent the first wave in a major trend that is sweeping
across industrialized nations, where new approaches to compliance theory
and practice are obtaining the common currency of an American Express

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