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READABLE version of Benford essay

First, to Jan William Coffey, WHO SAID:

_Earth_ seemed very realistic to me. _Artifact_ was also
very believable. I really liked the _Galactic_Center_ work. I found
that the early books were great near future novels that were very
believable. As the story progressed I kept buying it. 9 ) In the end
Benford had me accepting a lot of far fetched stuff as easily as the
first, near future, book. So as far as "it could happen" I would say
_Galactic_Center_ except, as I rethink it, the end of the work is not
quite as believable as the beginning. I still do, some how, accept it
as believable in a way though. I attribute this paradoxical situation
to the skill of the writer. 

gb: Good points. I realized, writing the series over 20+
years, that I was going from near future to far, and hoped I'd
gradually win the reader over to more fantastic things. (They'll all
happen--guaranteed!--just wait...) I'd never seen that done in sf and
wanted to try it.


Now, though it'll make a long file, I attach a somewhat
old essay on cryonics, as some asked... Hope it doesn't swamp the

Incidentally, just learned that my novella, IMMERSION, from SF AGE last
year, is on the Hugo ballot. Thanks to whomever nominated it! I think I'll
be able to make the con, too. I'm the oldest surviving (sorta) Texas fan,
having published fanzines from Dallas in the late 1950s...so I should go
to the first Texas worldcon. (I was on the failed Texas bid of the

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