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eeurope-changes digest (97/04/24 5012)English: Gazeta Albania, 25 April

Gazeta Albania
"Albania's leading independent newspaper"

25 April 1997

SP returns to crime structures

The Albanian socialists are ready to involve again in the Albanian politics
the incriminated communists and set up a new administration with that stuff
of people, in case of any possible victory in June elections. Their leader,
=46atos Nano hinted that his party had anti-genocide law the only problem of
the next electoral law. The socialists were dissatisfied with a pure
proportional law, prepared by the specialists of the Justice Ministry,
despite their declarations against the majority law supported by DP.

Nano said that his party is for a law that would satisfy all, but with the
only condition of not containing anti-genocide.

The inclusion of the anti-genocide law, as a condition for the next
electoral law is not just a personal reason of Nano and of a dozen of
Hoxha's and Alia's officials, who can hardly be detached from the Albanian
politics, but it is socialists' initiative to bring back to power their

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