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eeurope-changes digest (97/04/24 17085)Zyuganov Report to CPRF Congress [part 2]

Johnson's Russia List
25 April 1997


Zyuganov Report to CPRF Congress  [part 2]

The Party's Socioeconomic Position 
The party has its own principled view of how to act in
the economic circumstances now prevailing. 
The main question of today is whether "market forces,"
or in reality a few banking groups, will determine the
movement of our economy, exploiting state resources for
their own selfish interests, or whether, on the contrary,
the state will determine the spheres and areas of use of
market competition in the interests of society. 
We advocate the latter. The strategic heights of the
economy and the main financial flows should be brought back
under state control. Property in the course of whose
privatization criminal actions were committed should be
returned by way of a corresponding legal mechanism. 
Without state control society will not be able to
ensure the necessary transparency of economic activity and

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