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eeurope-news digest (97/04/20 22193)Petro/area studies, Religion and Business, Walker Reviews

Johnson's Russia List
20 April 1997

[Note from David Johnson:
  1. Nicolai Petro (Fulbright Scholar-Novgorod University: Area Studies.
  2. Delovye Lyudi: Igor Gar=92kavyi "Spiritual Cloisters Become Points=20
of Growth." (Translation by Nicolai Petro).
  3. Washington Post: Martin Walker, In the Post-Soviet Wonderland.
(Review of David Remnick's "Resurrection" and Jennifer Gould's "Vodka,
Tears and Lenin's Angel.")
  4. Reuter: Russian communists vow to oust Yeltsin.
  5. Kommersant-Daily: Konstantin Levin, "Chernomyrdin Grows His Rating.=20
Chubays and Nemtsov Help Him."
  6. Kommersant-Daily: Irina Reznik, "The Duma Is Preparing Auto-da-fe=20
for the Government. Budget Sequestration Has Been Pronounced a Heresy."
  7. Sunday Times (UK): Carey Scott, Scandal of Russia's 'retarded'=20
  8. Reuter: Russian expert tells of drunken A-bomb theft.
  9. Voice of America reports on Duma and television coverage.
  10. Washington Post: Jim Hoagland, Alice-in-Wonderland NATO.]


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