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Response to Emil Sanamyan's Russian Oil Question Oil and gas industry query

Dear David,

this is a query for JRL:

In the light of upcoming demonopolization and prihvatizaion of the
Russia's Gasprom, I'd like to ask the more knowledgable JRL subscribers:
how has the semi-privatization of the oil industry affected Russian oil
outputs and profits from them? I was under impression that they have been
decreasing, and decreasing faster than in the still not privatized gas
industry. And if so, how much of that faster decrease was a result of
'objective' processes in the world oil market and specifically in Russia,
and how much can be attributed to their hasty restructuring?

Dear Professor Sanamyan,

Here is one view towards answering your question regarding the
'semi-privatization' of the oil industry and its impact  on Russian oil
production.  First, after 1988 oil output within the FSU began to decline
well before any deliberate policy towards the restructuring of the oil

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