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Transplanted 4/14 by Amy ClaybornTransplanted 4/14

Disclaimed in part 1

Transplanted pt 4/14

Prince William Hospital

Scully couldn't believe her eyes. They were pulling enough
micro chips out of Mulder to put a main-frame computer together.
He was full of them, from his head to his lower legs. No wonder
he was so covered in bandages. The electrical discharges 
were the worst. Watching Mulder's body arch up off the table 
five times was unbearable. She noticed she was crying by 
the end of the tape. They said he'd suffered electrical burns,
but thankfully, none of them were serious.
The charges made it hard to remove certain chips because
of the cauterizing of the incisions. Scully thought this could
have been some fail-safe from removal, but the surgeon was
skilled at his job, and successfully removed even the most
dangerous ones. Thankfully, none of the shocks occurred
near any organs, but she was sure that was the plan, too. 

The plan.

 <<What in the hell was *the plan* ? Was this the last straw,
 the one when the Consortium decided Mulder had to be 
 "taken care of"? What a way to do it. How many other poor

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