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Transplanted 5/14 by Amy ClaybornTransplanted 5/14

Disclaimed in part 1

Transplanted pt 5/14

Prince William Hospital

Scully sat with her head hung low at Mulder's bedside. 
Holding back the tears, she looks up at her partner.

"Mulder? Are you listening? I have to go now, I've got a case 
to work on, you know. I can't just sit here all day 
waiting for you to wake up." She tried to keep her voice
light, but the quiver in her voice betrayed her.

Scully got up and headed for the door, and the phone rang. 

<Better get it, it could be Skinner.>> 

 "Hello? Langley?
 How did you find me? No, never mind, I do NOT want the
 details. Mulder's doing okay for now. Listen, can you 
 check something out for me? I need you to find everything
 you can about the implantation of artificial intelligence
 into living beings. I'll give you the details on Mulder 
 when we meet, AFTER you get the information. No, don't 
 you dare put Frohike on, I don't have time for this shi... 

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Subject: Transplanted 4/14 by Amy Clayborn