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Transplanted 14/14 by Amy ClaybornTransplanted 14/14

Disclaimed in part 1

Transplanted 14/14 

Scully's bedroom, one week later.

Dr. Brace sat near Scully's dresser, looking out the window intent
on the recording he was reviewing. His face was blank, 
revealing nothing about what he saw to Scully. She sat on the
edge of her bed where Mulder was sleeping. He had not woken 
up yet, but Brace had been recording Mulder's brain activity
during the past week to monitor his progress. Brace wore
a device that, to Scully, looked like a telephone operator's
head piece. He suddenly reached out and hit a key on his 
computer, and a pleased look came to his face. Scully waited
anxiously for the verdict.

"Well, I reviewed all of Mulder's brain activity the last week.
His dreams seem normal. I can't detect any implanted 
memories left in his memory. He *definitely* has much of his 
memory back, because most of his dreams were...well...
about YOU. He looked her directly in the eye when he said 
this, which made Scully VERY uncomfortable. His eyes 
could really penetrate to the soul. And from his tone of voice
and sly grin on his face, she could only imagine *what*
kind of dreams he has been having. He looked like he

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