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AtWitW: Incident (R) 1/1 by Sammi M.AtWitW: Incident (R) 1/1 by Sammi M.

All the Wishes in the World: Incident [RAPE] (1/1)
by Sammi M.

Don't ask me where this came from. It was just something I had to write.
Those of you who know I write Hunter fluff are going to be really
surprised with this one. Shoot! I was surprised.

This is not a pretty story. In fact, it's down-right nasty. It deals
with an adult situation and I may or may not be able to write the
details, but either way - the thoughts are R and not appropriate for
anyone under the age of sixteen.

There is no romance, lots of hurt and barely any comfort. This is a RAPE
story and for those of you who don't like that, bail now. For those of

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