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Getting To Know You IV 1/1 by Aimee CronanGetting to Know You IV (1/1) by Aimee Cronan

I'm back again. I'm having fun with this lighthearted series, but don't 
worry, I won't leave "The Attempt" hanging (and if you're not 
really worried because you didn't like it in the first place, too bad,
the next installment is coming out soon).  As always, I really
appreciate everyone who helped me with this and who responded so 
wonderfully last time.  Thanks so much Jessi and Brenda and everyone

Disclaimer:  Why can't I have them?  I really want them.  Okay, 
really and truely I want DD, but if I have to settle for Mulder, 
Oh well (huge *fake* sigh).  

Rating:  V, MSR, G

Spoiler: Um...well, the series was a post-potatoe thing, and I 
briefly mention some first season stuff, but that's all.  Oh, 
but definately Momento Mori.

Summary:  Wedding bells

Getting to Know You IV (1/1) by Aimee Cronan


Mulder adjusted his tie as he looked in the mirror.  His tux was the 
gray type that one would wear on a spring day with a striped scarf thing

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