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NC17 In the Shadows of the Moon 10/25 by Joyce McKibbenIn the Shadows of the Moon (10/25)

TITLE: In the Shadows of the Moon   (10/25)
AUTHOR: Joyce McKibben  (mckibben@cc.memphis.edu)

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RATING: NC-17  (graphic violence/profanity)
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Taggert Mountain
early morning July 21

Deputy Cullum was stationed at the turnoff to the murder site.  
The murder victim had been found by hikers in a rugged section of 
old forest in the nearby foothills, approximately ten miles from 
town.  Cullum's boyish charm was not soothing a pack of 
frustrated reporters, but his jeep effectively blocked their 
attempts to drive any closer to the crime scene.  Mulder thanked 
whatever god was listening that he didn't have to cope with 
reporters while trying to piece together the compulsions that 
drove this killer.

Mulder was barely out of the car before he was accosted by a 

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Subject: NC17 In the Shadows of the Moon 9/25 by Joyce McKibben