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Potato Twist 1/1 by tj thwaitesPotato Twist (1/1)

  Title: Potato Twist

  Author: tj thwaites

  E-mail: tthwaite@banff.net

  Rating: PG-13. The following deals with mature subject matter, parental
discretion is advised.

  Classification: S, hints of MSR

  Spoilers: Small Potatoes

  Summary: You know what happens in "Small Potatoes", but what if Mulder
didn't arrive until a few minutes later? Hmmm?

  Disclaimer: The characters we all know and love from the X-Files, and
bits of "Small Potatoes" I've used in here, belong to CC, 1013, and FOX.
I'm only stealing...um...borrowing them for a few minutes of not-so-idle
speculation. I promise to put them back where I found them (although I
intend to try to convince Scully to run away with me, hehehe [SLAP!!- I'll
take that as a "NO"]).

  On with the show-

  Potato Twist

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