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1/1 The Dion Files - Dreamin' of You by Jadar Allyna.1/1 The Dion Files - Dreamin' of You by Jadar Allyna.

I've been told there's been a lot of these lately, but I haven't read any
fanfic in OVER FIVE DAYS so any similarities are coincidental.  (Yeah,
that's what They say.)

Feedback, as always, is totally appreciated, even though I've promised
myself I'm writing these for me.  (Shya right, Allyna.)

ARGH!  Dallas just scored.  (I'm watching the Oilers in their first
spot of 4 years on a Friday night because I have no life.)  WAIT!!  It
didn't count.  *whew*  I'm going to shut up now.

Title - The Dion Files: Dreamin' of You
Author - Jadar Allyna.
E-mail - insurance_broker@compuserve.com

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