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Re:Series Finales: Missed Opportunities

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 > : >OK people, new thread.
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 > : >How would you have ended various shows differently
    Bienvenidos Spoon ( finish running away w/ Dish?),
          How about a finale that laid an egg? The most 
 annoying one, I thought was "Family Ties" finale. It had Alex 
 leaving his family to go work on Wall Street. Big deal. 
 Nothing else was resolved so what was the point of having one?
     Here's the one I would have had:
       Alex is frantically looking for a executive job after 
 his (finally) fed-up parents tell him they're kicking him out 
 as they are sick of all his constant put-downs and if he 
 thinks he's SOO smart and they're not, he can support himself!
      In the finale, Stephen accepts a job of being a senior 
 manager for a science and learning cable channel that's 
 headquartered in the town.
       Elysse has been hired to restore the  aging downtown 
 warehouse district into a trendy contemporary pedistrian
      Mallory has been hired by a top Paris fashion designer to 
 become a full partner. She worries about leaving Nick but then 
 it turns out that. . 
      Nick has been commissioned to paint the Eiffel Tower with 
 portraits of all the notable French from Charlemagne to 
 Catherine Deneurve so that will take him a few years while 
 Mallory gets established and, as they'll each be independently 
 wealthy , they get married before the show ends before they 
 jet to Paris.
       Jennifer gets a lucrative recording contract and is able 
 to convince the studio to have her produce her own original 
 songs right in her own home.
       Andrew reads up on the complete history of the U S and 
 as a result declares to Alex that he is totally renouncing his 
 "conservative" beliefs.
      So with all his family becoming phenomenally successful 
 and <he> heading for homelessness and unemployment after a 
 promising academic start, Alex decides to fly to NYC to 
 interview with the only company to return his calls- the I H 
 Conglomerate. He makes his desperate plea to the unseen CEO 
 and President who gets him to accept $1000 a month at 60 hours 
 a week <far> less than he originally thought acceptable and 
 would have to work for much longer hours but as this is the 
 <only> job Alex has gotten an offer on and he's due to be 
 thrown out, he desperately accepts but then asks the CEO if he 
 can recommend an affordable place for him to live. At which 
 point the CEO turns around in his high-backed chair and props 
 his feet on the desk and declares,
 "It's me ,Skippy! My real name is Irvin Handelman and while 
 you and the rest were thinking I was a total loser, I've put 
 together one of the top 20 companies in the nation! "
    "Skip-p-py? " Alex nervously stammers," Y-y-your in charge 
 of the I H Conglomerate? "
     "That's right. And I'll let you stay at my 5th Avenue 
 townhouse for $500  a month. You can't afford anywhere else on 
 your salary! "