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Re: Execute Canadian Dope Pusher

 > wrote in article
 > (Matt Elrod) wrote:
 > >Because a Canadian facing the chair brought the matter to the attention
 > >of Canadians.  Why do Singaporeans not usually discuss these matter
 > >in s.c.s?  Because they like to live in a fantasy land and ignore these
 > >nasty little realities.
 > Nope. Because we have accepted this as a norm and we thank our
 > government for getting rid of pests to the society.
 Then you better hope you have a wise government.  You better hope your
 government is superhuman in its wisdom, because no human is wise enough to
 judge another human on a subject such as drug use.  Your people must be
 pretty smart to figure out what is "right" and "wrong" to do in the
 privacy of one's home.  I envy your wisdom.

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