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Re: asian should side with blacks not jews

 In article <4r488k$>, says...
 >>       THere is alot of misunderstanding between blacks and asian due
 >to cultural mistunderstanding. I hope in due time asian and blacks can
 >strengthen our alliance. It's certainly in asian's best interest to
 >side with blacks. BLacks are the most powerful minority group in
 >america, they know how to stand tall to the white man. In the next
 >century blacks will be almost as powerful as whites and they consider
 >asian good enough to be humans. It's time asians stop jews and whites
 >from pitting asians against blacks. Jews thrive on ethnic warefare.
 >Look at how jews have responded during our time of need. Did jews help
 >asian during the korean boycot or, during the LA riots?no. THe jewish
 >media, nytimes, sided with blacks and then asians during the korean
 >boycott. The jewish media also sided with the black rioters during the
 >watts riot(remember ABC reports of koreans armed with guns out to
 >trouble). The korean boycott and the targeting of korean own
 >stores(btw I'm not korean) need not happened if blacks and korean had
 >much better understanding of each other. I think jews are responsible
 >for this hatred between our two groups, I mean afterall ethnic
 >warefare is in their best interest. Let us work together in hopes of
 >inproving relationship between our two groups and stop the jews from
 >further enslaving us. It's in our best interest to stop jews from
 >brainwashing us and abusing us with their kosher programs and thur
 >ethnic warfares.
 Yeah right. Is that why you guys rob us, burn us down, shoot us, and 
 spit on us? Don't blame the Jews for your barbaric culture of murders,
 muggings, car-jackings, wilding, raping, Louis Farakon, 60% of the 
 prison population, gangstarism, gangsta rap, welfare abuse, drug taking,
 drug dealing, aids babies, getthos, and plain lazy unintellectualism. 
 Never in my life have I met a blackie who was smart. I have never seen
 a straight A black student. And name me an economic powerhouse that is
 also a black country in this world. Just name me one. What? U.S? 
 Even in the greatest economic superpower of the world, blacks can't even
 make it that they have to carve out a third world for themselves, despite
 all the advantages.
 No my friend, don't blame the Jews, and don't try to patronize us. Cause
 we ain't buying your snake oil. You guy's problems are your own and if
 a blackie comes into my home to rob me and rape my family, I'll shoot 
 the mother fucker till kingdom come. You guys are hanging yourselves, and
 I'll gladly help you with the rope.