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Re: Date Rape Drug???

 Emil Ysona <> wrote:
 >There has been some talk on TV and the radio concerning a "date rape"
 >drug. Does anybody know what it is??? 
 Rohypnol.  As in hypnotic.  It's commonly available in Europe, and like
 many hypnotics it usually removes all conscious memory of events during
 sleepytime, AND ALSO events immediately preceeding it.  This is probably
 especially true if an unscheduled event takes place, like being raped.
 >I was once given an IV drug that knocked me out AND when I woke up I
 >had no idea that I had been out. Could this be it?
 Same principle.  You were probably given an hypnotic (look it up).  But
 because you _knew_ you were going in for surgery (or whatever) long before
 your were anaesthetised, you were not particularly disoriented afterwards. 
 If someone just walked into your house and plugged the same IV into you,
 you'd wake up and notice the missing hours but not be at all sure what
 caused it or even remember that you'd been assaulted. 
 When the brain gets fuzzed over we tend to rationalise the probable and
 reasonable events surrounding the fuzz.  If the events surrounding or
 causing the fuzz are improbable or unusual we may not remember them at all
 except for occasional weird or unconnected images that show up in dreams.
 That is why Rohypnol is so nasty.  Contrary to other posts here, it is
 much faster and more effective than alcohol, and much more dangerous than
 alcohol ever thought of being.  At least it is in this regard.
 A pity about all the news coverage.  Now all the predators will be looking
 for it or for substitutes, which they'll probably find.  That is, all
 except those who are also MDs or dentists and have known all about this
 phenomena since school.  In fact it _does_ sound like a frat thing.
 Please do NOT email me with requests for Rophie substitutes or any other
 info about date rape.  I have no further knowledge of any kind and would
 not respond if I did.   
 Now let's get back on topic.

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