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A rewrite of WW II (long!)(was: Yet another Russo-German WWII(was: 20th-century historical Score: 100

 This is *not* a rewrite of *our* WW II.  
 It's an alternate-history timeline in which Italy was *not* unified
 in 1870.  So no il Duce as Hitler's pal. Sorry.  But lots of other
 fovorites make the scene.  And there's some smashing improved
 missile technology.  
 This WW II starts on the basis of a different WW I which started 
 late (March 1916) and ended late (Christmas Day 1919).   WW I ended 
 on a higher level of military technological development than in our 
 own timeline.  Some details are in the thread "Balkan wars 
 As in our timeline, there is a punitive peace against Germany, Herr 
 Schickelgruber survives and does his thing--with some modifications--
 and the Austo-Hungarian Empire disintegrates.
 Developments during the interwar period included much more rocket 
 research in Germany.
 Thanks to everyone who commented by article or private e-mail on 
 separate parts of this time line.  It's been a lot of fun writing it.
 This long post deals with:
   **Balkan developments on the eve of the Russo-German war**
   **First four years of Russo-German war in an ununited Italy timeline**
   **Allied Strategy--choice of route for invasion of Festung Europa**
   **Changes in production capability and technology-I**
   **Allied invasion of Festung Europa**
   **Changes in production capability and technology-II**
   **Progress of the Allied invasion of France**
   **Changes in production capability and technology-III**
   **Five years after German invasion of Russia (our 1945)**
   **A third Front**
   **Winter of year five and six (our 1945-46)**
   **Allied invasion of Japan**
   **The Atomic Bomb**
   **Allied breakthrough crosses the Rhine**
 **Balkan developments on the eve of the Russo-German war**
 In both ours and the ununited Italy timelines, the Soviet Union 
 occupies Bessarabia as part of a real-politik deal between Germany
 and the Soviet Union which splits the buffer states created after
 WW I.  Romania's loss of Bessarabia encourages Hungary and Bulgaria 
 to help  dismember Romania.  This would continue the settling of 
 accounts in the northern Balkans that began with an earlier action, 
 in which Poland, Hungary and the Soviet Union helped Germany 
 dismember Czechoslovakia.  (The "Little Entente" collapses 
 after Czechoslovakia is dismembered.)
 But, as in our timeline, the last thing Hungary and Poland want is 
 German or Russian armies in the Balkans.  In the ununited Italy
 timelines they will wait until there is war between Romania and the 
 Soviet Union and see how the German-Russian conflict develops before 
 they risk settling accounts.
 In our timeline there was also a southern Balkan war, which dismembered 
 Yugoslavia.  It was triggered by the Italian invasion of Greece.  
 Without Italy in Albania, Greece and Yugoslavia would probably
 help Romania defend its territorial integrity vis a vis Bulgaria 
 (which had territorial claims against each of them).  
 This might happen *after* the German invasion of Russia was underway 
 and Hitler would be unwilling to divert troops for sideshows.
 But its just as likely that they would sit it out until they
 thought the Nazi's were headed for defeat as they would not

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