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Re: Music and singers... grade them...

 SKharazi wrote:
 > Syavash wrote:
 > >dear yek irani( proud of being iranian but
 > >simultaneously is
 >  >the citizen of sheytaneh bozorg , and believes
 > >united states' constitution is the best ever ;-)
 > I never called US sheytane bozorg apparently you are the one kissing
 > Khomeini's ass here. 
 i know u never call america sheytaneh bozorg
 where did i say u call it that way?
 but i see again when you go to bonbast u start
 kicking dareh taveeleh { noosheh jAn } and
 start name calling! 
 girim i am whom u called me but still you didnt
 answer me!
 >As far as the constitution of this country I beleive
 > it is formed after the Manshoor e Koroush which I beleive in.
 ok but so what! are you proud being a
 citizenship of america or not?
 [ ] YES
 [ ] NO
 {(c) Hooshyar Naraghi 1995}
 { by this (c) i meant the style of the
 > >sorry dear i still cant hazm it dont blame me, i just
 > >cant, not that i want to offend you ;-) ),
 > Save your cheshmak. We went over this before and you are draging it here
 > again. There is nothing funny about that. If we are going to tolerate
 no i dont save my cheshmak booboolie :)
 u bet we went over this before but always u
 kept escaping from the answer! this is why i
 keep dragging it!
 you cam overlook my cheshmak if u wish though!
 > people here we should learn to tolearte Iranians who for one reason or
 > another have taken citizenship of other countries. After all even IRI
 > considers me an Iranian citizen still but you apparently have a problem
 > with something.
 no u have a problem here! hagheeghat talkh ast!
 i do not mind if some1 changes his/her
 citizenship! it is his/her bussiness!
 but when some1 does it and says i am proud of
 being a citizen of that country and still
 comes forward and talks about iran like it is
 meerAseh pedarbozorg khoda beeAmorzesh
 then i not only start cheshmak but also laugh
 my head off :-) shotor savaree dola dola
 nemeesheh! this remindsa me of the amir kabir
 era when most of dolatmardan had either a
 russian or english citizenship! they had their
 own reason like you have!
 booboolie joon :-) every1 can open his mouth
 and start to call names and accuse people of
 this and that but no1 can escape from realitty!
 > >i guess u have forgotten many things or just stay in