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Re: Roy Jones still unproven, Kevin Kelley *is* proven.

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 Remo Williams <> wrote:
 >>	What will happen is this: At the very top. At the upper-most level
 >>	when he is in the fight of his life and he needs to draw on that
 >>	reserve that takes a superb fighter and turns him into an great
 >>	fighter, he's gonna come up empty.
 >And you know this because, why?  Drug counselor?  Pyschologist?  Personal
 >experience?  How would you know what's inside Kelley?  As far as I can see,
 >the kid brings everything he has to the table, and he never "comes up empty"
 >in a fight.  He may not get his knockouts, he may get lazy early, but when
 >have we ever seen Kelley quit in the ring?
 	I DON'T know. I'm merely offering my opinion and as such reveal my
 	ideas, feelings, guesses about a topic based on my assessment of
 	the facts. An opinion makes no claim to be incontravertable fact.
 	If you want that go to the stat book. And anybody can offer an
 	opinion. We don't have to be drug counselors, psychologists,
 	personal trainers, if this were the case there's very little we'd
 	be able to talk about here.
 	I hope I've cleared this up.
 >He came up with greatness in knocking out Gainer, and that's something
 >champions can do.
 >Let's get one other thing straight while I'm here.  Comparing fighter X to
 >fighter Y isn't applicable unless they actually fought.  Comparing how each
 >did to the same fighter is equally inconclusive.  Styles matter, strategy
 >matters, conditioning matters, timing matters.  Too much to account.
 	You don't get out much, do you?
 p	I think the correct term for a person like you is "anal retentive."
 	Comparing fighter X to fighter Y is a great way to talk about a
 	fighter and even if it weren't where does it say you can't do it
 	as you seem to think?
 	You really do have some kind of straight-line method of thinking
 	about fighters that you should keep to yourself.
 	With all the alphabet sanctioning bodies and wacky judges the last
 	thing we need is someone telling us how and why we can't talk about
 	fighters in a certain way.
 BARD (aka Ed Garth Land)
 Fly On-The-Wall, Inc.