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Re: White vs. Dark

 Scott J. Sipiora wrote:
 > > : I was recently told that chocolate was very dangerous to allow your dog
 > > : to ingest and that it might cause seizures. Someone else said that was
 > > : only dark chocolate and not the white. This made me wonder what exactly
 > > : is the difference between the 2 and is white really safe for our
 > > : animals?
 > > :               Lorrie
 > >
 > > white chocolate compound is okay, but *not* pure white chocolate. but why
 > > the heck would ya give your dog chocolate anyway?! :)
 > Any chocolate is extremely TOXIC to dogs.
 > A former co worker of mine lost her dog because it ate itself to death by
 > eating a box of chocolates.
 > Please don't feed your dogs chocolate. Seizures or death are not very
 > appealing and dogs just don't know any better. If it doesn't appear on
 > your dog food label your dog shouldn't have it.
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 There is no need to worry...I am not feeding my dogs chocolate. I guess 
 I phrased my question badly. This was all a matter of discussion and one 
 person said the make up of white chocolate would not effect them, that 
 lead to the question of what is the difference between the two types of 
 chocolates....which by the way, I still do not know. Sorry for the