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 In article <4qs8tf$>, (Joe) wrote:
 > >I bought some of the new PR Ironman bars.  I'm posting a few 
 > >things about them in hope of getting some useful feedback.
 > >The most abundant carb source is high fructose corn syrup.
 > Crap, crap, crap. That's what 'high fructose corn syrup' is.
 > So, crap, crap, crap. Thtat's what these PR Ironman bars are.
 > Basically, if your regimen allows you a slot for occasional
 > junk food, then that slot will be taken up by this shit.
 This raises an interesting question.  As long as your protein, carbs and
 fat (macro nutrients) are in the right proportions, and your micronutrients
 are sufficient (take a multivitamin or two?), and the calories are in line
 with your needs, what difference does it make whether you eat brown rice,
 salad and a steak or have tuna with pita bread and lettuce, or have a PR bar
 and some metamucil?  Yeah glycemic index blah blah.  You eat fat and protein
 with sucrose, the glycemic index is not so important, yes?
 I happen to be a whole-food believer, but I use Met-RX for snacks, and
 Designer Whey all the time to add protein when I don't feel like having
 another slice of ham or hunk of tuna.  Does my body really know the
 difference?  I can already say a qualified "yes", because too much
 Designer whey gives me gas (so do soy-burgers).
 What's the concensus?  Bet there isn't one in this group.
 Thomas J. Farish, ScD
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