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Re: Cocaine Addiction

 In article <4qphv9$> Robert  Egendorf wrote:
 >My friend is currently in the grips of cocaine addiction and I am trying 
 >to save his life.  Are there any medications which cut the craving or 
 >even block the receptors in the brain?  I have heard that clonidine, 
 >mazinol, and bromocriptine can help.  Is this true?  Rehab didn't work 
 >for him and he is almost out of options.  If anyone can help, I would 
 >greatly appreciate it.  Thank you.
 Bromocriptine is available from some of the European smart drug sources. 
 Possibly one of the serotonin increasing drugs (dexfenfluamine, prozac, etc) 
 might increase the feelings of "satiety" and help reduce the craving. Prozac 
 might help treat the underlying cause, if it's depression. 
 Ibogaine treatment, while new and experimental and only available in Panama 
 (and maybe Belieze) and mostly used for heroin, has been used for cocaine. 
 I think there are a number of experimental drugs in the pipeline; perhaps the 
 FDA could help you contact the manufacturers who might be in a test phase. 
 If he has only one dealer, you (or he) might tell the dealer to cut him off, or 
 risk exposure. I had this problem 14 years ago, and the one dealer I knew 
 was also a good friend, and cut me off when I had problems. 
 The craving does go away in time, except for occasional dreams about it...
 - Bob Wallace (just my opinion);
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