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 On Wednesday, June 26, 1996, Peter Lucas wrote...
 > I haven't been reading this ng for a bit.....been too busy burying
 > member's and friends.
 > BUT.........I cannot believe........hang on, I'll rephrase 
 > is really hard to comprehend that there are people out there that are
 > stupid. We are living in, most probably, two of the best countries in
 > world. I know that most of *our* politicians wouldn't know shit from
 > even if they had a mouthful. But that is no excuse for saying thay our
 laws do 
 > not mean *anything*....unless you are an anarchist(?)
 > -->> >>
 > -->> >>"Legal" was South African Apartheid.
 > want to fight for the worlds problems, join the UN. We are
 > about CA's problems with people from another country breaking their
 > -->> "Legal" was, until not too long
 > -->> >ago in your 
 > -->> >>own country, not allowing blacks and women to vote. 
 > You're really digging thru' the history book's...aren't you?? Should I
 go to 
 > jail for those transgressions??? I'm not *that* old !! The laws have
 > *CHANGED* since then. Until a law is is a law, and you
 > obey it or face the consequences.
 > -->> >"Legal" was,
 > -->> >*according to 
 > -->> >>the laws of the United States of America", as you phrase it,
 > -->> >disregarding 
 > -->> >>another country's laws so much as to invade, killing thousands of
 > -->> >people, to 
 > -->> >>allegedly "arrest a drug-dealer"...
 > Well, if you want to get onto that subject....I believe that those scum
 > be tracked to the ends of the earth, and anyone who stands in the
 > they have to accept the consequences.
 > -->> >>"Legal" used to be, centuries ago, the right of life and death of
 > -->> >Kings over 
 > -->> >>their "subjects".
 > Reality check's 1996.....wake up Bozo. Talk about the laws
 > legalities of *today*.