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Re: Date Rape Drug???

 In <31cd56aa.7289481@> (Emil Ysona) writes:
 >There has been some talk on TV and the radio concerning a "date rape"
 >drug. Does anybody know what it is??? 
 Yah, the drug is called Rohyponl.  It makes you go to sleep.  It is put in a
 drink and then the person that drinks the drink gets knocked out.  Then the
 person rapes the drinker or whatever and then the person that is raped has
 no idea what has happened.  
 I think this is really stupid.  I do mean that the process is stupid (well
 it is) but I think that the media coverage is totally out of control.  This
 probably happened about 1/2 a dozen times over the past three years or
 something.  Nobody has not ever HEARD of the drug until now.  Now watch how
 out of contol this might get.  There area many other things that work just
 as well I am sure.. Chloral hydrate, a boot to the head etc.  Perhaps this
 is just a modern form of the caveman and the club.  I do not mean to say
 that this is the right way to get girls because it is wrong.  But I get very
 pissed off when I hear about this 8 or 9 times on the radio/tv/paper.  
 One thing this does produce is hysteria and paranoia.  Pretty soon it will
 not be fashonable to buy a strange girl as a drink because of fear that
 someone is going to drug her.  Or him for that matter.  And what does the
 media do - give this whole idea a bunch of free advertising.  And for the
 people that are losers and can not get any without this stuff I am sure are
 pissed because soon all the girls will know and they will be out of the job
 - unfortunatly all of us nice guys who want to get to know a strange girl
 will also be out of the job because they will not accept our drinks. 
 *pissed off mode off*
 Hope this answers your question.  If you are thinking about doing it
 yourself.  Get a life.  :) (just kidding)  Sorry for the bithering
 >I was once given an IV drug that knocked me out AND when I woke up I
 >had no idea that I had been out. Could this be it?
 >Tnx-  Emil