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Re: Date RWpe drug???

 >The TV has spoken a lot about a so-clled "date rape" drug. Does anyone
 >know what it is and if the media is correct or just feeding us the
 >usual confusion.
 It's called Rohypnol, generic name flunitrazepam.  I'm told it's
 the MOST widely prescribed seditive in Europe, so I'm pretty sure 
 it's just "the usual confusion".  
 I just read about this "date rape drug" stuff in the paper.  It said
 the DEA was going to reclassify flunitrazepam as a schedule 1 substance!!
 That reminds me.  I've never been able to find on-line info about 
 drug laws.  You know, "is it legal here?"   Any ideas anyone?  Thanks
 for any info.
 Bob Sheleg