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[NR] Automatic Digest [4/28]Re: NETRUNNER-L Digest - 26 Apr 1997 to 27 Apr 1997

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<< But there is a problem with the stealth cards, compared to other cards.
 First of all, they are programs, so you have to allocate MU's for them.
 you can't use noisy icebreakers (all that much), which are generally
 superior to worm wallbreakers (and not susceptible to Ardvaark).  Lastly
 (and I know this from experience... ouch) Chimera isn't the only trap that
 can trash daemons.  Ice like Banpei can (at the corp's discression) trash
 the daemon and all the programs on it, as can Experimental AI.

 My recommendation?  If you want stealth-like benefits without the hassles
 of stealth, I'd pick Eurocorpse(TM) Spin Chip and Cortical Cybermodem.  The
 Spin Chip costs 6 bits, which isn't bad, and offers a 2-bit 'mini-bank'
 that can be used on *all* icebreakers.  The downside is you have to install
 your breakers on it, so it does no good to have your programs out before
 the chip.  Cortical Cybermodem is pricey (11 bits) but you get the benefits
 of an MRAM chip, a Zetatech Mem Chip and a 'blanket' Spin Chip in one card
 that can't be trashed by Power Grid Overload (which the Spin Chip can, sad
 to say). >>

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