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HUMOR Digest - 14 Apr 1997 to 15 Apr 1997Columbia Maryland Yuppies

*   I was at this fund raiser thing the other week and this Yuppie
  acquaintance from Columbia Maryland came over to bend my ear about
  all his latest acquisitions, as well as the purchase prices.  After
  about 10 minutes, he finally paused and said, "Oh, by the way Jimbo,
  I passed your house just the other day."
    I sighed heavily and said, "Ohhhhhh, thank you !"
                                - - - - -

* Columbia Maryland is some town.  The first game the kids learn to
  play is hide-and-go-shop.
                                - - - - -

* When Columbia Maryland was built, the Howard County Police Department
  had to retrain all their dogs to sniff out domestic quiche.
                                - - - - -

* And they've got some of the most unique carry-outs too.  Why just the
  other month a Kentucky Fried Pheasant place opened.
                                - - - - -

* Naturally a lot of places in the State are into bottled water.  But in
  Columbia, you can request the year.

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