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India News Network Digest [1] - April 13Small is beautiful

#1  Small is beautiful

By  Anjana Dutta  - The Telegraph - 8th April 1997

There is really no substitute for clothes lovingly created by mothers and
grandmothers.  Stitched, embroidered in the softest cotton.  Beribboned and
smoked, most of us have enjoyed the good fortune of being dressed by caring
hands.  But today, with nuclear families staying away from the larger joint
family homes, grandmothers rarely get to look after their surrogate babies.
And working mothers have little time to stitch.

Good Companions and Women's Friendly clothes embroider tasteful garments in
pastel colours, tiny prints and smart stripes.  Perfect gifts from adoring
parents and grandparents.

The clothes range from tiny shifts for new born children, starting from

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