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HUNTING Digest - 11 Apr 1997 to 12 Apr 1997ASA Barrel/Brake System

Has anyone had any experience with the ASA barrel/brake system?  I talked to
the manufacturer and they claim that the system cuts felt recoil by 40% and
the noise level to the shooter is 9 db's LESS than with a rifle WITHOUT  a
muzzle break.

He also says the whole system weighs about the same as a regular
featherweight  barrel.

I heard some rumor at our gun club that Ruger was going to introduce this
system on their rifles next year.  When I asked the guy at ASA he said he
couldn't comment on that.

I have sent for some literature on the system.  For those that don't know it
is basically a ported barrel with a sleeve over it that keeps the noise level
down.  I have never seen the system or even a clear photo of it.  But the
engineer at ASA told me that it is a sealed system so that dirt and snow will
not get into it.  Apparently the sleeve is held in place by a nut at the

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