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LARCH-L Digest - 11 Apr 1997 to 12 Apr 199725 Years of Ocean Pacific!!!

25 Years of Ocean Pacific!!!

1997 marks the 25th anniversary year of Op, and later this year we will un_
veil a special sweepstakes celebrating the big occasion.

How did Op come to be 25? The story is typical of the surf industry.

In 1972, San Diego surfer Jim Jenks developed a pair of shorts that he and
his fellow watermen could count on for durability and comfort.
He embroidered an "Op" on the left leg of each of his hand-built garments
and delivered them personally to surf shops up and down the coast.

He ultimately pulled in a couple of fellow surfers as investors to help
fund production, and away they went.

In short time it became clear that Jim's effort was becoming way more than
he expected. What was a labor of love for him soon helped launch what would
become an industry that brings beach-inspired apparel to people all over
the world.

Thanks for your time,

Ocean Pacific Europe Webmaster

P.S. If for any reason you consider this an unsolicited message, please
accept our apologise in advance.

Ocean Pacific Europe
Promark Spa
Via Dalmazia, 21
I-31040 Venegazzu', Italy
e-mail: helpdesk@opeurope.com

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