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P. azurescensP.azurescens spore syringes!

I understand there's a lot of interest regarding P.azurescens spores.
Actually Smart Botanics in the Netherlands is selling P.azurescens
spore syringes (!) quite cheaply (98$ for 6 syringes).


I've read something about fake P.azurescens syringes sold by a place
called "Dank Nation" (or similar), these are definitively not the

Please don't send me E-Mails regarding this, I have nothing to do with
this company I just thought it would be nice to point it out to
interested people.

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I asked around about DANK NATION and got little response.  I also
say a post questioning the authenticity of their P. azurescens, 
but as far as I know no one actually verified this, it was just
speculation.  If you have evidence that they are indeed fake, I
think many people would like to know this, but if you are just
going on speculation, then you are doing more damage than good.

Have you or has anyone ordered from Dank Nation?  If they are for
real their prices are great.


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