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I WANT NAMES [2/2] (Who is Killing the Star Wars Scientists?)

 >>> Part 2 of 2...

According to Maureen Peapell, Peter had no reason to kill himself. They
had no marital or financial problems. Peter loved his job. He'd just
received a sizable raise, and according to colleagues, he'd exhibited
"absolutely no signs of stress." 

We may never know what is killing these scientists. Everyone has a theory. 
The National Forum Foundation, a conservative Washington, D.C.,think tank,
believes the deaths are the work of European-based,left-wing terrorists,
such as those who took credit for gunning down a West Gerrnan bureaucrat
who'd negotiated Star Wars contracts. The group also claims the July 1986
bombing death of a research director from the Siemens Company - a high-
tech, West German electronics firm. They have yet to take credit for any
of the scientists. 

    A more outrageous theory suggests that the Russians have developed an
electromagnetic "death ray,"  with which they're driving the British
scientists to suicide. A supermarket tabloid contends the ultrathin waves
emitted by the device interfere with a person's brain waves, causing
violent mood shifts, including suicidal depression.  The genius of such a
weapon is that the victim does all the dirty work and takes all the blame. 
Yet, if the Soviets have actually developed such a weapon, why waste it on
22 British defense workers? Are the scientists victims of a corrupt
defense industry? Have they been espionage pawns? Are the deaths nothing
more than an extraordinary coincidence? Guess. 


1.) Auto accident - Professor Keith Bowden, 45, computer scientist, Essex
University.  In March 1982 Bowden's car plunged off a bridge, into an
abandoned rail yard. His death was listed as an accident. 

2.) Missing person - Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Godley, 49,defense expert,
head of work-study unit at the Royal Military College of Science. Godley
disappeared in April 1983.  His father bequeathed him more than $60,000,
with the proviso that he claim it by 1987. He never showed up and is
presumed dead. 

3.) Shotgun blast - Roger Hill, 49, radar designer and draftsman, Marconi. 
In March 1985 Hill allegedly killed himself with a shotgun at the family

4.) Death leap - Jonathan Walsh, 29, digital-communications expert
assigned to British Telecom's secret Martlesham Heath research facility
(and to GEC, Marconi's parent firm). In November 1985 Walsh allegedly fell

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