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Re: 1996 GTX mods??? (Corey Sullivan) wrote:
 >In article <>, says...
 >But wait until the warranty is up or Sea-Doo will blame the
 >>> oil in the engine if something will go wrong with and it and not warrant it. Have 
 >>Not using the SD oil will not take down the life of the motor,
 >>assuming that you do use a quality oil, and SD will most
 >>certainly warrantee the motor since not doing so solely on
 >>the basis of not using SD oil would be illegal.
 >>Bruce Holms
 >I meant that if the engine seizes or such. A repair which had do do with an oil 
 >indicated problem. Then they wouldnt warrant it. If you go to the Sea-Doo Dealer 
 >School at the beginning of the year (if your a dealer), the main guy said that the 
 >Sea-Doo Oil is the best for the **ROTAX** motor. Sure, any other oil will work fine 
 >for your ski, but this oil was designed with one motor, and one motor only. ROTAX. Now 
 >you get what Im saying? I didnt mean to say that if you dont use S-D Oil your motor 
 >will fry, im just saying its not the best for it.
 >Corey Sullivan
 SeaDoo oil is made for one make SeaDoo big bucks with their 
 scare tactics campaign.  I have four Doos and really like the boats, but 
 this synthetic oil crap annoys me.  Their are a lot of premium oils out 
 there that burn clean, don't clog RAVE valves and will protect the 
 engine.  How can anyone say that the Doo oil is THE BEST for the Rotax 
 Chuck "I love SeaDoos and hate their oil" Bruni