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Re: I need advice on the best returant at Disney World

 The best food I had was at Artists Point. Now, we did have some Elk
 Sausage there that was a bit to ...ahhh "rustic" with bits of whole
 peppercorns--but hey, It's Elk!! 
 The absolute best thing I had at WDW was the trout at AP. Imagine, a
 trout cooked to a crispy skin on one side, topped with Italian Pancetta
 Bacon and broiled until the pancetta was crisp, then surrounded by a
 pool of sauce composed of creamy lentals with overtones of thyme and
 garlic. Yummmmmmmm....rave..rave..
 The second best "food" wasn't really food but ritual. A proper English
 Tea at the Grand Floridian at 3:30 in the afternoon (count on about
 $9pp). The ritual and the service was excellent!! I'd suggest this to
 anyone that wants a bit of luxuary on a burger budget! You can split a
 pot of tea and share sandwhiches between two, but there is a small
 service charge for doing that. 
 This will keep you going in the late afternoon, and let you make late
 8:30 reservations for dinner at EPCOT without starving all day. Leave
 the kids at the park hop a monorail and go "do tea"! I prefer the
 savory "Queens Tea" which included your choice of tea, (I go for the
 Darjeeling, or Earl Gray) and savory sandwhiches. Those with sweet
 teeth can get the cakes, jams, and such. There's also a "high tea" for
 two people for 19.95 which included a bit of almost everything sweet
 and savory..the works (g) The place is the Garden View Cafe at the
 Grand Flordian, the Time is from 3:00 to 6:00. 
 The *only* thing I could say bad about this was the Salmon sandwhich
 weren't as good as they could be, more fishy than freash. Other than
 that--one of the best dining experiences at WDW!!